take off your cool..

Take off your cool. Take off your blues, and march.

 sometimes you just have to get up and go, and leave it all behind. you’ve got to walk away from the people who drain you of everything that you are.

those that drain you of the love you have to give, or that chip away at the edges of your big heart, and the ones that abuse and misuse your trust. sometimes you’ve got to say “enough is enough”, before it actually is enough, and its running over the brim. and sometimes, you just have to leave the familiar smiles for the unfamiliar face.

you’ve got to get away from the comfort of routine, and the security of wearing clothes, and just be naked. Naked and real. you’ve got to drop your bags, put down everyone else’s blues too, because you’ve been carrying them with you for too long.

just take off your cool, and  let them see you – for what you stand for, what you believe in, and for who you really are. if you don’t no one else will, and no one will make you. so you might as well. do what you really want to do. do what you’re afraid to do. not what works, or what seems safest. take off your cool



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