who said magic had to be something unusual?

who said it had to be a rare occurance?

who said that it had to be supernatural,

and it couldn’t be you?


why can’t it the silly little things that you say?

because they feel like magic to me,

and they brighten up my day?


who said magic wasn’t a song?

because some songs make me fly.

some songs take me away,

and some show me colours

when the world seems black and white.


who said you need a certain chant,

a certain spell,

or a certain charm?

because today your words gave me hope

in a world that was only be bearable when I was asleep.


you didn’t even say that much,

but you reminded me to believe

that not everything is bad

and not everyone is out to get me.

“you” should be the definition of magic,

well, at least you’re magic to me.



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