memories, moments, faces, scents, voices and songs..


everyone seems to be going through things because they can’t seem to let things go. it’s not because they don’t want to -they’d do anything just to forget the memories and the moments, in the search of the eternal sunshine of spotless mind.

they’d do absolutely anything to erase that face etched into everything that surrounds them. they’d do anything to mute the song that seems to describe everything she/he/it was and is to them..

that scent, and that voice… absolutely anything.

but something holds them there, when once that something was an embrace it now chokes every little bit of hope out of them. and every time they think about it, it tightens the grip around their neck and they choke. it’s a painful vice that doesn’t let go. a vice that keeps them locked on the same memories, on the same thoughts, the same ways…

sometimes, they begin to feel themselves being set free either with the help of Time who is said to be the doctor of all emotional wounds, or by they’re own efforts of distraction.

but for some reason the on and off affair they have with Misery rekindles its flame, and Pain and Frustration seem to notice it’s light, and they too decide to join the party.

they seem to hold onto that vice, although its letting them go. they call back the memories, the moments, the face, the scent and the voice, as if thats what keeps them alive. they sing the same songs as if that’s what gives them hope.

when truth be told they are a tumorous mass pressing down and squeezing away any real life left in them. yet, the tumorous mass deludes them into thinking that the pressure exerted onto their hearts is not damaging.

they forget that to truly be let loose, to truly be free from that hold, that grip, that chokehold, that vice – they need to let the memories and moments go. the song can no longer be played or sung again. everything must go.

but no one said it would be easy…






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