dedicated to the one who doesn’t want to be forgotten.


i could never forget you

because that would mean you never existed.

if you never existed

i’d have to explain to myself why i spent a sum of days on the phone

with someone who wasn’t real.

i’d have to justify missing you,

because you can’t miss something that wasn’t there to begin with.

i’d have to smile 100 times less a day

because i’d have no one to make me.

and to be fair, who really wants to do that?

the world is full of enough things to cry about.


if you didn’t exist

i would have to explain why some things are just that funny

because no one else finds the world as funny as you do,

and no one hears the melody in the silence in the same curious way that you do.

i’d have to explain why the numbers six seven eight triple nine eight two one two

need to be followed up with a song and dance,

because no one else gets it like you do.


if you didnt exist there would be one less person who understands,

and to be fair, there are far too many people who just dont get it.

if you didn’t exist, i would have too many questions like this

that would need answering,

and i dont think i have the energy, or the time,

because an eternity is a long time.


its easier not to forget you than to explain why you don’t exist,

because you mean so much to me

to be left in a world without meaning.

to forget you, would mean you never made an impact on my life

and i’m covered in your fairy dust.


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