in the name of love.


no body likes to be on the losing side. no body wants to be the one that has to turn the other cheek. it’s as if we’re pre-conditioned the fight.

you hit me, i hit you back. you hurt me, and i attack. you break my heart, i slash your tyres, and it continues, until we both tear each other apart. but it’s okay, as long as i do it in the name of love, because you know, i love you, right?

people say they fight in the name of love, but in what part of its definition is any of the above? love is patient, and love is kind, so why is it that we retaliate at the drop of a dime?

we’re not slow to speak, but are quick to anger. we go from red to green, and never see amber. love is not easily angered, but if you hurt me, i’ll break your jaw in the name of love. what kind of logic is that?

it keeps no record of wrongs, and does not delight in evil, yet our governments bomb nations to better the future of the people?

philosophers like to revel in the ‘fact’ that were are unlike other animals – that we are rational thinkers. if anything that seems  all too illogical, and that is the fact.



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