blind faith

everyone believes in something. even those who do not believe in anything believe in not believing in anything – something.


no one understands how difficult it is to live in a world where there is no cause or reason, because one way or another, we detail our lives and find that even coincidence is a cause and a reason.

they ridicule the overt believers, but they forget that it requires an inhuman strength and effort not to believe. its difficult to sit on the fence when everyone is pulling you to one side or the other. it’s even more difficult to sit on a fence when you believe there isn’t one. perhaps that’s why everyone believes in something.

a belief in the theories of science, in a god, in many gods, in God – everyone believes. those who fool themselves into thinking they don’t believe convince themselves that faith is blind. that we believers believe for the sake of believing and passing time, and not because when we were alone in complete darkness, somehow, someway other than by our own might, or the might of others, we were pulled out when we shouted for help.

not because when we fell to our knees and cried out, we were heard and we were comforted. not because when all the world shakes with uncertainty we find incredible peace, and when everything around us is falling, we stand firm.

we who believe are not blind. we are not lead by blind faith, otherwise we would not see. we see the world, and we see our lives change. we see what shapes us, we see who we become. we see the journeys others take, and the places they find themselves.

we who believe are not blind. maybe it is you who do not believe and who do not see, that are lead by blind faith and are truly blind.

– ♥indiesoulchild


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