it’s not you, it’s me.

“it’s not you, it’s me” – some people hear that a little too often, and some people say it a few times too many. often times, i’m in the latter category, saying the cliche line but feeling that it’s real.

some things are cliche not because they aren’t real but simply because they are so real and applicable to everyone. every time i’ve said it – yes, it’s been more than once – i’ve meant it with the deepest sincerity, and really, it was me, not him.

“it’s not you, it’s me” expresses in five words what i cant see in you because i’m stuck on something else, or because my perception of things is a little screwed up.

it explains why even though you are the sweetest of them out there, i can’t get caught up in your charm, because honestly, i haven’t learnt to appreciate you.

it explains why i won’t go there with you, and why i will never do. “it’s not you, it’s me” is realer than the rom-coms it always winds up in.

it should keep you from spending sleepless nights trying to guess what you did wrong, calling me and hearing me say the same thing over again that sends you into the same whirl of confusion. it’s really not you, it’s me.

you’re doing everything right, and if i was on the same page, or even in the same book as you are, i’d probably be so head over heels in love with you, you wouldn’t know what hit you.

it should let you know that your game is tight, but i’m not really in it for games. i like to play but my heart is too precious to get tossed around and dashed across the field for a home run.

and when i do feel like playing games, and my heart’s ready for a fight, it should warn you that i don’t always play by the rules, and that i don’t think you’ll be able to handle it. even though we’re playing a game of love and basketball, i may have my nintendo ds on the side.

all i’m saying is, “it’s not you, it’s me” shouldn’t be the worst thing to hear, because i’m trying to protect you from getting invested in a scheme that i know is going to fail. don’t let it hurt so bad because maybe next time you’ll hear “it is you, and not me”, and you’ll realise how sweet “it’s not you, it’s me” sounded to your ears.



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