sunshine in Cardiff

last weekend, my friends and i packed up our things (well, our toiletries and changes of clothes) and headed off to Cardiff. of all the places in the world, i wouldn’t have picked Cardiff as a get away destination.

i needed a break from my dissertation, my project, my essays, dreaded journal articles, masters applications, and people. i just needed to get away because it was getting too much.

usually, when i need a break, i go home. home is just the place to be.. but this time Cardiff was home to me. my friends were my family, and the city was our house. it was great!

despite the city’s age, it’s youthful and full of life…. but that’s possibly because i spent it in student bars, around shopping centres, amazingly cheap restaurants, in shisha bars, pubs and clubs, and around party going students! 🙂

however, if you need a get away. i recommend Cardiff. sometimes you just need to go where you’ve never been, or where you never thought of going before.

i hope you enjoy my amateur photography.



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