“i’m asking you to make a choice…”

An ode to the those that still can’t make up their mind…

“stop playing it so cool, like you’re not weighed down by thinking. just because i’m asking you to make a choice, it doesn’t mean i’m asking you to make the right choice, or the popular choice, or the one that seems to make more sense.

i’m just asking you to stop playing it so cool and act like you feel something. so make a choice, and i’m hoping and praying you dont make the one you made last time. the only reason you’re here is because this is the 8th time you’ve made that choice, and you’re still asking questions and making “mistakes”.

they say you can’t have your cake and eat it, but if you can’t have cake it doesn’t mean you can’t have toffee instead. if you’re going to make a mistake, then this time make a new one, not the same one you keep making. take a chance, don’t stay on the shore when you can swim.

and just because i’m telling you that some choices are never easy, it doesn’t mean that sometimes you can’t make the easy ones.

sometimes should just go where you think you want to be. be where you are happy, not where you’re supposed to be. and if where you’re supposed to be is the place you’re happiest, then stay there. but if it isn’t then venture out. you’re too young to be tied down by the weight of the responsibility over someone else’s heart. you’re too young to feel this old…

i’m asking you to make a choice, but i’m not asking you to make the choice you keep making.”



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