musical love affairs

a journey through music is like a multitude of love affairs. there are always the ones you go through for the moment, and the ones that you hold onto forever. you remember the exact time and place you met, as if it were happening before your eyes again. you meet so many others on the way, some you just flirt with and others you ignore. some you fall in love with, and you never let go. i’m falling in love again.

it started with ja rule when i was still young and naive, falling for the gruff voiced, sensitive thugs. with tales of a rough life completely contrary to mine, telling me that if ever it came down to it for me they’d get life. and then chris brown, young and full of life took my heart and swept me off my lyrical feet. he was completely different from the ones before. he came with tales of young love and the things that really did pertain to me. so for a long while, i only danced to the sound of his vibe.

and then i found 3 brothers and a cousin, and it almost felt like taboo. they were different from me in every way. bearded young men, with shaggy hair and tight fitted jeans. their guitar strums sounding completely alien to the basslines i was used to. they came with a completely different sound to their soul, and their lyrics told tales of things that they were veterans of but were still new to me. soon kings of leon became my favourite taboo, and together we were taboo talking about sex on fire and slow nights so long – four white southern americans and the black girl.

and then he came along during a warm summer night, all deep and soulful and touched the very depths of my soul. i never stopped dealing with the brothers so when he came in he didnt attempt to take over, but he made himself a little niche in my musical mindspace and soon his space was the only space i wanted to be in. his bassline so rich and intense, and his drumbeats setting the pace and rhythm of my heart. he’s my black coffee, bringing me into an energy i didnt have. i thought it wouldn’t last but he stayed too long to be a fling.

and now comes along this other tall chocolate skinned brother, timothy bloom, looking like my black prototype, and i’m so taken. his name sounds like spring, but his music is like the intensity of a mid-summer’s day. i’m so taken, but these soulful types know what to say and know what to do in the beginning, and then they disappoint. so i try not to take to him too quickly because his lyrics seem a little too perfect to not be game. but he brings me in and shows that his depth goes beyond his rich chocolate skin, and i’m so taken. so with a guitar strapped to his body, his old bags full of soulful memories, and a smile to light up the sky, i’m so taken. because these lyrics sounds more than just a superficial depth, and in the height of the winter i need someone with a summer voice, so i’m taken.



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