reason is excuse in disguise

excuses – everyone has them, and everyone makes them. they are what we use to protect us from the truth of our own inadequacies, and the fear of our insecurities and fears of our own failure. everyone makes excuses but clothes them as “reasons” because reasons are excuses that are just less disputable. they are excuses fortified by truths that are more justifiable.

there’s a reason he spends his life on a plane and in hotels, with women of every different race and nationality in his bed. he wants to see the world and experience life before it’s too late. it’s not because he’s running away from his nosey family and his mother who’s only concern is to find a steady job and get a wife. he’s not ready to be a role model to his younger brother, and be an example to his little sister of what a good man is like.

there’s a reason she can’t stop sleeping with him even though he’s married, and she says she’s just waiting until something better comes along, and he’s passing the time. she forgets to mention that somewhere down the line, between the casual sex and the now she may have fallen for him, and now some part of her keeps giving him an extra day to realise and maybe they’ll find another way, other than this.

there’s a reason he can’t quit smoking, and it’s because he’s an addict. it’s his brain that can’t cope without the nicotine and sends his nervous system into overdrive. the excuse is he can’t stop now because he’s afraid he’ll replace it with food and it will be the way it was when he was 14. he doesn’t want to feel as ugly as they said he was before.

there’s a reason she procrastinates and hasn’t started her dissertation, or started to plan her life after she graduates. she’s had no time with all these deadlines and the hassles of life. it’s not that she’s afraid that if she starts the dissertation she’ll realise how close the end is, and how soon she’ll have to make plans that might fail.

there’s a reason the developed world isn’t helping the developing world. it’s because to truly help is to teach the rest of the world to help themselves. it has absolutely nothing to do with power and having the upper hand. it has nothing to do with the fact that if they help them become what they have potential to be, there will be no one left to do the work for a bowl of peanuts a day.

there’s an excuse for every action but most of us chose to name it a reason instead. when will we stop making excuses and start making progress instead?



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