perfect together

we go together like perfectly out of tune black and white keys on a piano, we find a way to make ‘beautiful’ music together.

we go together like a pen to the pages of a diary, i’ll tell you all my dirty little secrets.

we go together like sunshine and rain, i’ll be your sunshine to dry out your rain.

we go well together like kebabs on a drunken night,  the most ideal combination until you throw up.

we go together like coke and chocolate, because nothing beats the misery of a spotty face than the things that caused it.

we go together like ‘the smiths’ and misery, lets face it no one gets heartache like they and we do.

we go together like a deep felt emotional expression and a sarcastic reply, there has to be something  to balance it all out!

we go together like a polite “no, no, no” when someone tries to inappropriately grope us, somehow we manage to save each other in the least common ways.

we go together well like crappy, unfunny jokes about miners and chavs, and 10 minute long laughs.

we’re perfect together, in the most retarded way.



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