caught up

sometimes you wonder, is there really any hope for the human race?


lets all get caught up in our own affairs, not like we don’t already do that. but let’s try and mask it so that we don’t all notice that we’re all doing the same thing. let’s make friends with the religious people, and those hippie types, and oh yeah, lets recycle so that we look like we care about more than ourselves. but inside let’s continue to focus on our own vessels filled with emotions, troubles, issues and situations. let’s just sit and wallow in our misery until it drowns us, and let us consume all the things that make us happy until we float away with the high. is that cool with you?

let’s quote phrases from inspirational religious leaders, because that’s a nice way to get followers on twitter. oh yeah, it also helps to dress up superficial conversations we have with our superficial others. let’s give the things Jesus, Ghandi, MLK said as an examples, but only when people upset us and when we need “change”. let’s be all religious but never be filled with the spirit. let’s put on the mask of religion and let’s just act out our love for everyone in public. come on! it’s easy!

oh and if you don’t want to be religious let’s do it the other way. let’s act like religion does not promote selflessness and love, and that it is the destruction of rationality, and let’s rationally go about practicing selflessness by buying bigger houses, and giving 50p to the homeless guy at the tube station. after all, it’s survival of the fittest and the human race wouldn’t be anywhere without the selfish gene, right? let’s do it the unreligious way, and unreligiously help the poor by creating groups on facebook and making the issue an trending topic on twitter. oh, and don’t forget to broadcast it on blackberry messenger, everyone needs to know. let’s do it guys! technology is the way forward!

let’s only sort of come out of our vessels when there’s an earthquake in some remote part of the world. let’s all peer out when relatives are caught up in some devastated country. let’s all worry and donate a pound or a dollar because aunty so and so is stuck in that devastated part of the world, and we really would like her to come back. let’s stick a finger out of the breathing holes of our boxes every once in a while as we “reach out” to the people in need.

let’s all go about caring as much as we really do. come on lets do it! let’s jump on the band wagon every now and then, but dont forget to jump off because you might miss your stop at self-consumed. let’s jump on the band wagon when we are directly affected, and let’s campaign, hold all night prayers – the whole nine! let’s do it, let’s do it! but don’t forget let’s only do it sometimes so that we don’t exhaust ourselves in the process, otherwise we’ll have no energy for ourselves, our own problems and the things that eat us up. we’ll have no time for the long soaks in the bath during “me time”, and this week’s episode of 90210. oh no, we can’t let it cut into “me time”. let’s just do it for a little while, yeah? yeah!

let’s all be as caught up as we really are. let’s not hide behind our masks. let’s continue to not walk in love, and let’s continue to mock the hippies and the religious, because at the end of the day we all came into the world alone right? so let’s stop pretending to be selfless when the truth is that we live in a cruelly selfish world, and each and every one of us make that world go round. but thats up to the priests and imams and rabbis to fix, isn’t it? the same priests, imams and rabbis we mock, right? right.

-♥a jaded indiesoulchild


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