people like to ask silly questions, like “if you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?” or “if you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be?” ironically, i’m one of those silly question asking people. i like these silly questions because i like the answers better. because in the answer that you give  me you tell me information about yourself that would usually take me a few months to put together. you open up a tiny window that lets me see you for who you are. and i’m curious to peer in because i care to know you and all that you are.

i’m a daisy, and my scent by marc jacobs reflects who i am, and what i want you to see me as. it’s both my mask and my persona. my shadow and my true self in the light.

the cheerful daisy blooms month in, month out, through every season. it has a native home but can find a home any and everywhere. you find daisies anywhere, in the wild and in carefully kept gardens. no matter how often the grass is cut, the enduring daisy springs right up again. the daisy reflects optimism despite its surroundings. the hippies use it as a symbol of peace. daisies are given as a sign of affection and a chase expression of love. they symbolise purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity.

i am a daisy because despite the season i sprout out and keep my petals open so that i can add brightness to you day. i am a daisy because i like to see opportunity in every climate. i am a daisy because i see hope and peace written on every wall and in every hidden place. i am a daisy because i love wholeheartedly, loyally, purely and simply, without agenda or malice. i am a daisy because my petals do not cover my centre and you can see straight into my heart.

next time someone asks you that question be careful how you answer, because these questions are not just random. they’re a different way of asking “who are you? because i care and i want to know everything about you”.



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