some scars never fade

do you ever wonder why some scars never fade, yet others seem to disappear faster than they appeared? i do.

i have four small scars on my legs that will never seem to fade. i thought after the wounds healed, the scars would fade like all the others, but they never did. it’s been ten years now, and they still look the same.

i don’t see them anymore, but when i do i remember exactly how i got them. i remember them when they were still open wounds, bleeding down my legs. and then the unscared skin around them reminds me of the time i didnt have them.

it seems that the deepest wounds form the most visible scars that don’t fade away. it’s almost like your body’s ancient scroll recording the things you ought to remember just in case for some reason you forget. it’s as if your mother is reminding you not to go running in the house or you’ll get hurt again, even though you haven’t even thought of running in the house for a good few years now.

it’s like the darkest scars are there as a warning to keep you from repeating the same mistakes again, because since the skin is so capable of regenerating itself there’s no reason for them to be there.



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