becoming human

you and i are becoming human, i think. we’re starting to feel those things they call emotions, and it sort of tingles as our emotionally cool hearts begin to warm. i felt my heart skip a beat the other day, in the same way they describe in that song by The Script. i almost called an ambulance because i thought i was having a heart attack, but i found out that it’s the norm for these people with emotions. strange things these human feelings are.

i’ve noticed you start to smile when you see couples kiss and hold hands, or when he sends you these text messages that you read over and over again. i see that giddy feeling you get. the one you try to contain but your feet can’t help but interpret with a hop and a skip. you’re growing you are. this time if our lives are to be assessed on the ability to communicate and express emotion, i think we’ve gone from epic fail to at least a D.

i’m getting strange sensations running through my body too. i’m sure they must be human ones too because i’ve never had them before. remember that feeling you had in your stomach? the one we thought was nausea, and you stocked up on ginger biscuits to make it better? i think it might be that thing they call butterflies. we thought you were sick, but i think if you are you may be love sick, even if you’re only a little infected.

i think i want them to stop because i feel my heart getting warm, and warm things are easier to pierce than frozen. and. i feel something going through my body, but i’d rather it stop. because there’s nothing more confusing than these alien emotion things charging through your veins, filling your stomach with a flurry of butterflies that don’t seem to ever stop moving.

there’s nothing easier than emotional inertness, but for some reason i like this feeling of becoming human even though i’m afraid of it. i’m afraid, and i know you are too. this transition will be worthwhile, i think. these humans say life is for living, and you can’t go through life without this thing they call feeling. so i’ll hold your hand the whole way through, i promise. through the emotionally charged verbal diarrhea we can’t hold back, through the calmness of being cuddled in the darkness. i’ll be here becoming human with you, until these emotions and things seem harmless.

p.s. i know we’re becoming human, but i still hold onto one emotard value. no pregnancy and babies is still the only worthy monthly cause for celebration.



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