salty leave

inspired by impending doom… and by kings of leon’s “milk”.

this is going to be a salty leave, isnt it? it doesn’t matter how much i want to stay, or how much i want it to stay put. it will be a salty leave.

it will run free and carelessly down that cheek, and splash into that half full glass of water that i’ve been using as a focus to keep the salty leave at bay. but by the time the salty leave splashes into the glass it will be too contaminated to drink, and i’ll have to dash it into the sink. i’ll rush outside and i’ll water the ground with my salty leave.

and the sun will shine, and dry it away, and turn it into clouds that blanket my day. and the clouds will move on, like everything does. and then when they are at sea they’ll remember me and my salty leave, and rain my salty leave where it is meant to be – in the ocean, salty and full. in the ocean, deep and blue.


inspired by the Kings of Leon – Milk. one of my favourite songs ever.


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