soul music: “tabitha”

Timothy Bloom – Tabitha

Timothy Bloom always bares his soul completely through his voice, yet he does so without ever being overbearing. you hear everything he feels. you feel how his thoughts make him toss and turn at night, as if they are your own thoughts keeping you up. you even feel the cold sweat he’s telling you he wakes up from. without being whiny or over-expressive he makes you feel his world like you’ve been there before.

with “Tabitha” he brings back the sincere transparency of “Til The End Of Time” that made me fall in love with him to begin with. i’m sure if he had a video for “Tabitha” he would be both physically and emotionally bearing all again.

“Tabitha” feels like that exciting moment of realisation when one finally admits to themselves that they can’t let go of someone, no matter how hard they try. the verses feel like a relay of the epiphany information to the concerned other, and the choruses the less wordy truth pulled into soft bursts of “and i can’t let you go, i can’t let you go” and “i don’t wanna let you go, i don’t wanna let you go” – the simpler truth. the truth never has to be more than a few words.

this is not the anguished version of the epiphany, it’s that moment of happy surrender. that moment of acceptance and surrender that feels so beautiful because there’s no longer an internal conflict between pride and the irrational logic of the heart warring inside. it’s that moment when the white flag goes up and one just admits, “look, i tried, but i can’t mostly because i don’t want to”.

that quality of unashamed soulful nakedness and vulnerability is what drew me to mr. Bloom – a quality a lot of music still hides behind with over-expression and over-bearingness. without ever being whiny mr. Bloom makes you feel.


“The Budding Rose”, a four song EP for free download can be downloaded from here. enjoy.

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