life in colour

dedicated to the life doctors that like to diagnose your life with issues and shove problem pills down your throat.

don’t impose your black and white on my rainbow. life is for living. life is for feeling. life is for seeing in colour, so let me paint my life with all the colours in the box, because today doesn’t feel just blue, or just red, or just green. today is sunshine yellow because the sun felt it sweet to kiss my eye lids this morning as i walked out in sandals and a white linen sundress in nippy spring weather. and today is violet because as i walked under the tree it rained down soft purple rain and i was happy to walk around with flowers in my hair. today is scarlet red like the vivid contrast on the thick lips of that espresso black stunner amongst the snow whites and cinderellas. today is like the amish brown on the sweet little reserved religious boy standing at the corner of marble arch trying to spread his message. today is both brown and caucasian pink because my brown has been holding love with his caucasian pink. so don’t impose your black and white on my rainbow. read your own self-help books because i’m the only one living my life, and i’d rather have it in colour.



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