mum is the word.

mothers – there are no people on this earth quite like them.

you are my life support, just as you were when i was incapable of even breathing alone in the womb. metaphorically and literally, you still wrap me up in reassuring warmth when it all goes a little haywire.

your scent still dances in every room you walk through. and when it’s not real enough for my nostrils to pick up, it dances in the rooms of my mind, perfectly serene and beautiful. never overpowering or overdone.

you’re still so beautiful to me. more so now that i see you for more than your 5’6 of graceful and awesome beauty from my then 4’1 height. we see eye to eye now, well my eyes over your head, but your yellow freckled beauty doesn’t fade.

you are shorter now and i can rest my chin on top of your head, yet we see eye to eye (sometimes) now more than ever. before, everything you said sounded like nagging, including your advice, and everything i replied sounded like rude back-chat and my silent ‘listening’ was the zoning out of an uninformed teen. now i’ll pick up the phone because you’re my life support and i need your scaffolding as i reach new heights.

your advice is the only advice worth hearing. and when it gets difficult i no longer lock myself up in my room let chris brown loudly soothe my soul. i’m a child again as my legally-an-adult self leans on you for support because today was awful and my soul needs your kind of love.

you are my teacher, although your lessons weren’t my favourite. every when the branches on the trees are new, thin and green in spring, i remember the lessons you taught me and i ended up with red lines lashed across my legs.

your rules were once hated, but they soon became my rules. i tried to throw them out at university and make my own, but i learnt that mine weren’t the best when that dress i wore that night got me the wrong kind of attention.

you are wonderful. there is no one who calms me more than you do. yet there is no one aggravates me as much as you do – both in terms of frequency and intensity. there is no one who has made me ‘hate my life’ more, and there’s no one who’s made me appreciate my life as much.

at the end of the day, there is no one i care about and love more. at the end of the day, mum is the word. and (sometimes) you’re my favourite word.



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