let me shoot up through your veins

there’s always that one who knows what to say, and when to say it. knows the right intonations, and knows when to fit in the pauses. that one who just knows how to key in the right code and make you pay attention with every cell in your brain and in your body. the one who gets you paying so much attention you have to start remembering to do things that were so automatic before – like breathing.

that one mr. smooth and confident, the one who confused all your senses. so smooth he’s smoother than air. that one miss. sweet thing who caused you tongue to shoot so far back into your mouth you almost choked on her sweetness. no one lives life without coming across them.

they know just what to say, and when to say it. i remember the first time he spoke.

“oh, you sweet thing,” he cooed. “you frustrated soul with your eternally pensive mind. you with your euphoria, and your beautiful sensuality.” it was like he knew me yet he’d only just begun. “i can make you feel colourful,” his words danced out like melodies and glided into my ears and down their canals, and once they were inside, they burst with the beat of my heart’s drumming song like fireworks.

“i can bring the colours of the rainbow to life in you baby, and shoot them through your veins. let me shoot in you some colourful heroin, but this one won’t hurt you love. i can make you feel things you’ve never felt, and things you’ve never imagined.” he said. “i can make you cry tears you’d forgotten, and make you dance in the purple rain of your memories as if you were living in them again. i’m not just talking, baby. i’m walking too.”

“i’ll bring the red to your days, and not in the monthly period kind of way. i’ll bring you love, pleasure and pain, like you’ve never seen before. and i’ll set your sex on fire with my cosmic love. you’ve never seen a blaze like this before. i’ll bring you passion, in love and in anger. i’ll make you feel every kind of red.

“i can make you see the bright side of now, and make you hope with the optimism of yellow. i can make your future brighter. i can make your every day feel like summertime, just listen and let me. i’ll take you places you’ve never imagined, and when the adventures exhaust you, baby i’ll mellow you out with my yellow and let you chill.

“but chill too long and you’ll turn blue. but that’s okay, because i’ll be there too. pumping into you electric blues to keep company with my baby’s blues. and if it all gets too much, i’ll inject some violet to liven you up, and turn your blues daze to purple haze.

“so, if you want to feel the rainbow let’s takes this somewhere we can be alone. where all you hear, and all you feel is me. let me make your insides dance with my yellow and chill out with my blue. and if you want a combination of colours, i’ll blend up that rainbow above your head and shoot it through your veins. all you have to do is say yes.”

i’m so taken by these far-fetched promises, like a child lost in a world of fairy-tales. but the adult in me knows that most promises are never kept, and these seem too beautiful to ever be real. so in a futile attempt to  poke holes in his ultra smooth being, and uncover the truth of these promises that seem to clothe disappointment, i say, “i don’t even know you… i don’t even know your name-”

he interrupts and i’m not even offended by it, “you don’t need to know my name, just how i’ll make you feel. but if you must – my name is music. i’ll blend up that rainbow inside your head and shoot it through your veins.

now, will you say yes?”



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