life is better lived chasing positions and popping pills

from the moment we can utter words from our lips they fill our mind with ideals, and in essence construct the words that will fall from them.

they ask us what and who we want to  be, and place emphasis on the filling of positions, and on statuses, and never on the state of self. it’s all about obtaining and acquisition, and the excuse is that its in the human nature to desire to possess and to conquer. that human nature is characterised by the selfish gene. self first, others later (if you really want to).

apparently that is what we inherently want, yet they give us no real option in whether we want to be a part of this collective we or not. so as we grow this notion of possessing and conquering, or attaining and filling positions, grows with us and it becomes so ingrained in us that we see no other way. to the point that when they ask as for the last time “so, what do you want to be known for”, we’ve learnt that status is the answer, and we believe that position is the key to a fulfilled life, and generation after generation is led to believe that the world is to be possessed, and we are to fill it with our presence.

and there goes little old me who thought that being was never about taking up space, but was about the ingredients of life that made me what and who i am. there i was thinking that happiness and love were more worthwhile to seek after than self-acclamation and self-indulgence. apparently, i was wrong. apparently our primary objective is to possess and to fill. not that the only things worth doing were the ones that made you and others happy. i guess i was wrong, we have pills for that, don’t we? let’s remember that as we chase statuses and attempt to fill positions larger than ourselves, that seem to continually expand when we can’t (and will soon be taken by another much larger and stronger), that we can at least pop pills on the way and boost up on our pretend happiness. at least when we die in our mansions, and with our acclamations, we can pretend that our lives were happy.



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