dear procrastination

dear procrastination,

i think you know why i’m writing. our time has been good, and boy have you got me into things i would never have otherwise. i won’t start reminiscing because i’ll convince myself (again) that i should let you stay, and maybe this time it will be better.

procrastination you’ve been my pixie manic dream girl, with your airy feel and your carefree nature. you’ve been my beautiful mistress, and if you were a beverage you’d be that much needed cool and refreshing glass of  long island ice-tea when i’ve been uptight and need to get loose. but, as they say, every good thing must come to an end. and as much as i don’t want to end this, i know it’s better for the two of us…. well maybe for me than it is for you.

we’ve had our good times, but there comes a point when we have to let go of the things we want to truly grasp the things we deserve. i’m not saying i don’t want you – boy, do i! – you make every second exciting, yet somewhat relaxing. you’re like an oxymoronic high. i love every moment spent with you, far from everything else. but i also regret it every second i’m with you, and you deserve someone who won’t regret a night, a day, a week or a weekend spent with you. and i guess i deserve a peace of mind.

but you’re beautiful, you’ll find another within minutes, who’ll be drawn into your charming delight. you’ll find another, i promise. but as for me, i have to kick rocks and do what i’ve been putting off. i have to ‘man-up’, so to speak. but i promise you in my manning-up i won’t forget you.

and when i’m free, i’ll let you know. and if you’re available and up to it, maybe we can hit the park, or get a milkshake, anything you want to do. just as long as we can keep it friendly, because as much as i want it to, ‘us’ never works.

i hope we can still be friends.



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