for some reason i still want more…

we’re so technologically inclined it’s ridiculous. it’s as if people have forgotten to be people. they sit behind their screens and become whoever they want to be for hours. they create personalities and lives that they forget to switch off with their computers, and everything becomes all about what to tweet and what pictures should and shouldn’t go up on facebook.

conversations become meaningless because everyone seems to be losing the art conversation. we sometimes forget how to really hold a meaningful conversation when we’re together because we only speak on whatsapp and reply with five minute delays that keep our conversations at a superficial level. we go to parties and most of us sit with our flashing phones in our laps, sharing apps and attending to our notification.

our merry christmases and our happy birthdays are now routine because we have facebook reminders to make it seem like we cared enough to remember, and we have broadcasts to send messages in mass so it looks like our hearts are big enough for our 95 blackberry messenger contacts.

our relationships with others are so impersonal now that loneliness is not the absence of company, but the absence of technology. don’t get me wrong, i love technology. it’s great that i can find you even if i find myself in another corner of the world. i just don’t want that to be the best way to ‘be’ with the people i care about.

call me old fashioned, but i love spending hours travelling to see friends that i have a great time with. i love being able to sit around a crate of corona in a student livingroom, and trying to toss cheesy puffs into each other’s mouths from across the room. call it childish or old fashioned, by even you know that virtual monopoly is never the same as the real deal. i want to go places with you instead of send twitpics and post tweets every five seconds so it makes it seem like you were there. i want to hug and kiss you without sending emoticons. i’m just saying, all this technology is great, but i want to have real experiences i can’t find in the history of my browser.



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