fear’s embrace

oh Fear, she loves me and she can’t let me go. she says the world is cruel, the world is harsh, and i wasn’t built for its wars.

she holds me in the night, and the words she whispers in the evenings linger in the day and always bring me back home to be by her side. she tells me she loves me, and would never let me go without a fight, because ‘its a cold world out there, and nothing ever turns out right.’

‘nothing’s guaranteed’ she says, ‘you’re better off staying here where you know it’s safe.’

sometimes we’ll argue and i’ll put up a fight. i’ll remind her of those times i took a leap and it turned out alright. i’ll show her the souvenirs from the journeys she warned me from taking, and tell her that maybe my fate is changing.

she’ll shake her head and sigh with discouragement and begin to say. ‘lightning never strikes the same place twice’. i storm out as i pick up my internal armour and weapons to face the world. she laughs and says ‘those will never suffice’.

her statements ring louder the further away i go. ‘i’m warning you!’ she screams, as her words deal a blow of memories when it did all go wrong. so i stop before i go any further and turn back around. i’m scared that my dreams will beat me down.

she woos me back into her embrace and holds me for a while, before taking away my weapons and armour and throwing them onto the floor into a pile. she takes my hand and leads me back into the security of what i’m used to. she wraps her arms around me, and i close my eyes and hold onto her, as memories of last time’s failures flash through my mind.

a knock comes at the door – a knock i’ve heard once too many times before. it’s Hope and she’s brought Faith along too.

they ask me if i’m coming out tonight, and like most times i say no. with sadness in her eyes she replies, ‘oh Fear, she loves you and she won’t let you go. but you were made to rise and become so much more. come with me, i promise it will be fine. you won’t be alone, Faith and i will fight with you at the front line. you sweet sweet soul, let Fear go. you were made for much more.”

oh Hope, she too loves me so and she keeps knocking at my door. she says the world can be cruel, the world can be harsh, but that i was made for so much more.



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