throwback post: til’ the end of time

this post is a re-post of an earlier post, posted on the 28th of february. hope you enjoy it now as much as you enjoyed it then.

an ode to those beginning new things, ending old things, and finishing uni…

every hello is followed by a goodbye. with every beginning comes an end. and with every end comes a beginning, and the cycle goes on.

as we approach a new era, we grow out of the old  and step into the new. sometimes we do not step in by choice, but rather life forces us to move because the old doesn’t have room for us anymore. we may not have grown out of it, and it may still fit snuggly, but Time decides we can no longer remain. in the same way we cling onto old t-shirts rich with memories but faded and worn with time, we hold onto our present and pray it never ends.

so we take photographs, and record our memories on video and in diaries because we don’t want to have to step into the new without the things we loved from the past. we bring with us scented t-shirts, certain songs as reminders that yesterday happened and with the hope that it never dies.

i hold onto you with my photographs, my drawings and my poems. my videos, my text messages and emails, because memories aren’t as tangible. i hold onto you as we hug hello and we hug goodbye. i hold onto you as i breathe in your scent and press my skin against yours. i hold onto you because i know as the journey continues we’ll take our separate paths and stick our pins in differing parts of the world’s map. i hold onto you now with the hope that i’ll be able to hold onto you tomorrow. with all that i have, i hope to hold onto you until the end of time.



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