for the love of house

this is purely for the love of house music. if i ever met someone who made me feel this way, i’d know they are the one 🙂

house, how did you make me fall in love with you without me even paying attention? i wasn’t focused on you, and my ear was never really yours. this all came like a thief in the night, and in the morning i was reciting the words of your song.

with your deep tones you stole me from myself. you swept me off my feet… no you swept me from myself. you stole me from myself before i heard you say hey

your kind of soulful took my soul and before i knew it we were flying, and we were in the stars. it was like you were superman and i was your lois lane. house, how did you do that? i didn’t even put up a fight.

you kept bragging about your kiss, telling me that it would be all i wanted, yet the thought of us touching lips had never crossed my mind. it was as if you were telling my future, because now, i want to kiss you, i need to kiss you, i have to kiss you, that’s all that’s ever on my mind.

oh house, house, house! you seemed an unlikely candidate. you didn’t make sense to my mind, and i have a complex mind that embraces all kinds. but you, i couldn’t get my mind’s arms around to embrace.

you with your deep thoughts that i could never read easily. staring into you is like staring into a dark murky brew of black coffee, yet still i fell in love with you.

i thought i was falling, but little did i know i’d already fallen in love with you. i’d fallen deeper than the ocean‘s depth, i’d fallen in love with you.

now i stare at indie rock, i look in the face of hip-hop, and i tear my hand away from r&b, because something about you house has grabbed me and you make me wanna stay. maybe it’s the fact that every moment with you is like summertime.

i don’t know what it is. i never saw you coming, but now i know that i can’t survive without you. you and i, house, we fit together so perfectly.



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