forever? forever ever?

i said, “i hope you stop loving him soon because you deserve to be happy,” and with a strangely hopeful smile she  replied, “i don’t think loving him will keep me from being happy. the gay thing about love though is that if it’s real you won’t get it back – you can’t take it back, its forever. when all else fails, love remains.”

unable to comprehend this everlasting love, i responded “surely it must fade. surely with time it goes away. do you really think love lasts forever?” “i do,” she replied.

“even when you’ve been hurt like you have? even when you’ve run out of things to feel?”

“sucks, i know,” she giggled. “that’s just what love is. it stays forever. even after everything, the love i feel for him – even if it’s just basic now – the love i feel for him won’t let me hate him. at the very least, it will cause me to cry if he died… that’s just what love is. love endures long and hard, through the good and the bad. it lasts through any and everything, if its real. love is kind, it doesn’t retaliate, and it’s not resentful. it doesn’t keep a record of wrongs and is always ready to believe the best of every person. it doesn’t fade, it endures everything without weakening, and it never comes to an end. that’s love”

“biblical?” i responded.

“yeah,” she replied. “but of all the definitions of love nothing has ever rung truer to me.”

“forever seems like a long time,” i sighed. “i still hope your love for him fades”. she just laughed in that way old people laugh adoringly at children’s ill-informed statements.



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