love – its the most indescribable phenomenon, yet each and everyone of us can at one point say that we’ve experienced it.

love is not just a feeling. love is not just an emotion. it’s more than affection. we all know that, yet to describe love for what is it rather than what it is not has seemed nearly impossible throughout the history of mankind. so we take to describing what it is like, and evidence of it, but even then we cannot even begin to come close to explaining what love is.

the strangest thing is that when it happens to us, it doesn’t matter if we’ve felt it before of not, we just know. i’ve asked and have been asked how you know when you love someone, and it seems that the answer is universal – ‘you just know’ – universal but inadequate. strangely, in it’s inadequacy the answer is as close as we can get.

it’s still baffling how can we know something that we can’t define; something that we can’t give reason to? we can define and describe non-existent things, but yet love remains elusive, but strangely so accessible – go figure.



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