she did it to herself

they say she did it to herself, but we all do something to ourselves that leads to the death of us. maybe it’s not a physical death like this one, but we all do things, we get addicted to the wrong things, we get addicted to a certain lifestyle because it’s the only way we can cope with the ever changing world. we get addicted to the wrong people and some part of us dies and its unrecoverable.

some people die inside way before their bodies give up on living. others see it as a “change” in their personality, but only they really know that it’s not just a change, it’s gone.

their innocent veils ripped from their eyes by the one they held hands with – the one who said they loved them but stole away the life jacket that keeps us drowning in the sea of life’s harshness. “she did it to herself by liasing with him and ignoring everyone’s advice”.

the hope that’s killed when faith can no longer explain why life has taken a turn for the worst, why it didn’t work out again, or why the most important person was taken away will kill someone inside, and there is no longer a light that sparks on the inside – just darkness and death. “but he did it to himself, he could see it coming.”

until it’s us, until the problem relates to ourselves we never understand that we don’t do these things to ourselves by choice. these things happen, and sometimes we perpetuate them because we just can’t do anything else, for whatever that reason it. until it’s us, we forget that circumstances can “f*ck you in the arse” too.

just because we’re not all physically dead it doesn’t mean the broken parts inside aren’t dead and decaying. there’s spiritual death and there’s physical death, and neither is always because we “did it to ourselves”.



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