the function of music…

… So I gotta know, how do I let go? ‘Cause the thought of losing me keeps me dancing to be free… “How Do I Let Go” – Dennis Ferrer ft. K.T Brooks

I love music. My life would feel empty without it. It would be like drinking water and feeling full and bloated, but still feeling as though there’s no real substance within you. That’s what life would be without music. Music is the expression of being alive – even when being alive is painful. Music is that friend, that smell, or that kiss by the rays of the sun that reminds you that the day is yours – that makes you feel like the sun shines just for you. Music is my voice when I’ve run out of words to say – when I can’t express just how much I love Him, or how much I need Him. Music, you just couldn’t take it away from me.



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