‘no additions need’

his conversation is fairytale. perfect in it’s timing, and with the depth of someone unreal. you could only dream of the beautiful words that float out of his mind, so you ensure that you always keep your dreamcatcher ready – day or night- just in case his mind decides to give birth to beautiful again.

you’re beautiful and no foreign object could make you more beautiful, I think… if I were asked to label you, I would label you ‘no additions needed‘”

he belongs in a book.. or a song.. or a movie – somewhere beautiful, with beautiful words and beautiful people and beautiful things. but he doesn’t exist in some fairytale – he’s real. he’s here and it’s harder to believe than it is to believe in fiction. especially when the words from his lips gain him nothing. no kiss -nothing, just a smile on my heart for eternity – a smile he can’t even see.

in a world where sweet words and deeds are done to obtain the favour of another, there are no words more beautiful than his. even when they aren’t about me, no thoughts are more intriguing than his, because they feel as though they are from the soul, and nothing gets realer than soul. and nothing is more beautiful than pure, unadulterated soulful.



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