she’s a flower. she’s the girl they’ll write a song about because she broke their hearts but still left them smiling and even more in love with her – songs with beautiful melodies that speak of terrible things.

they’ll describe their encounters with her as magical, and her presence as the marriage between a nightmare and dream.

in poems they’ll describe her big green eyes that absorb the world with the power of a thousand vacuums. those big green eyes that steal your heart from it’s chest. the beautiful green eyes that could steal the souls of men and women alike. the beautiful green eyes that shed tears you’d want to catch and seal so she’d never shed another. the beautiful green eyes that at times seems like the source of sunshine itself.

they’ll talk of how when she dances she floats, like a leaf in the wind.. how her life seems to float like a leaf in the wind, easily moved by circumstance and emotion. how her world suddenly turned beautiful with a mere glance from an admirer, and how it could turn so suddenly black when the clouds in the sky covered the blue skies and the bright yellow sun. they’ll say she’s like a flower, ever changed by the seasons and the weather.

they’ll say she possess both intrinsic and extrinsic beauty, but in its most delicate form – so easy to crush with the palm of a hand, so easily destroyed by the change of the weather.

they’ll say she’s a flower – possibly the most beautiful thing God gave to man other than each other – to paint pictures of, to want to adorn your homes and gardens with, to want to wear the essence of. but as a flower, she’s so delicate you can only stand by and watch her live and die as the seasons change. as harsh winds rip out her petals, and heavy rain drowns her, and as snow numbs her soul. as the sun returns and ressurect her and she stands tall and beautiful again amongst the unexciting grasses of the world… and then watching the cycle repeat itself again and again. those are the joys and pains of loving flowers.



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