i’m too pretty to work


in an ideal world i would get paid to do the geeky things i love to do, as well as the non-geeky things such as the partying, and the lunches, and the visiting of vintage clothes shops. i would be paid to go out and listen to music, or attend spoken word sessions, or get soaked in the rain in some field somewhere at some festival. or attend dinner parties with lovely strangers who would teach me something new, like how to smoke shisha.

life would reward me for just doing the things that make me happy, the things i love and discovering what i could love.

i would get paid to take long walks on the beach, sharing my thoughts on life and love. or speaking on the phone for hours about music, about art, about journeys and destinations, and of course about love. i would get paid for discovering new music that moves my soul in ways my feet cannot coordinate.

i would get paid to wake up every morning and update my blog with some precious gem i found somewhere, or paint a masterpiece of words with my mind. wouldn’t it be wonderful?

until then, it’s a grind until i finally shine… maybe someday life with pay me for living it the best way i know how…




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