five ways to win my ♥

day #1: five ways to win your heart

he made my stomach cartwheel and my brain fuzz up like a straightened afro catching droplets of rain. i can’t say it was because of the way he looked, or the sound of his voice, because it was neither – nothing you could experience with your senses. nothing verifiable by science, but could only be confirmed by the mad chemical reactions boiling throughout your body.

i couldn’t see him, but his words, although not directed at me as such, flirted with me in a way i’d never known. his words, discussing the politics of a broken land  stole my attention and sold it as a slave to his poetic flare. he said terrible things with beautiful words and my mind fell open like a blank canvas for his linguistic brush to leave an impression i could forever keep. oh the power of literacy.

he spoke of his visions for his life and you could see his soul set on fire. and not a fire of anger at the current state of affairs, but ignited by the passion for a dream yet to manifest itself. ambition never looked so beautiful. it was as if he was a steam engine, and his dreams were the coal to fuel to his soul until he reached his destination.

the sincerity of his words caught me and gripped me like a vice. oh, and the sincerity of his passion. the sincerity of his soul! pure and unadulterated. presented undiluted. his words and his actions in sync, meaning what they say – never hiding lies or truths, never ambiguous to the point of having no meaning – always purposeful and honest, both in joy and in anger.

and then he spoke of what kept him uplifted when the going got tough, other than the red hot coals in his bones. and he said “house music”. and he said it as if he spoke of his lover. and in that moment my soul smiled because we shared the same lover. at the thought of her, i could see his mind dance and sincere appreciation for her spring up within his soul because he loved her in a way that difficult to love any others. my heart got afro-fuzzy and this time it was my brain that did the cartwheels.

finally, he drew to a close and my heart was grateful because it could finally get this strange feeling from around it. but within a moment he brought back the afro-fuzzy to my heart as he closed with, “house is my wife, but the love of my life is God “. and in that moment i could feel my soul happily resign and say, “i’ll happily come third to that.”



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