i eat sunshine for breakfast

day #4: bullet your whole day

*00.53 my phone rang and i knew it would be you. it put a smile on my face, but in the back of my mind i’m just praying to God that i don’t hurt him.

“02.34 florence + the machine “shake it off”. i love it. but i’ve never been able to figure out who or what the machine is/are. her music reminds me of the fact that there is only one person in the world i want to dance with. it doesn’t matter where we dance or what we dance to, because it feels like those moments in the movies where they hold hands, and they’re laughing and just jumping around with not real rhythm as such. i can’t wait to dance with her.

“02:55 i would sleep early but my mind is heavy and i must lighten the load somehow. i’ll unload it letter by letter and maybe i can build something cool, in the way little kids build castles with alphabet blocks.

*03.03 planning posts for indieSoul and picture hunting.

*nearly 5am and i am still writing. i could stay up forever.

*6am and i’m irrate –  the culprit: watching conspiracy stories on youtube.

*eventually i went to bed, just as the sun was coming up, but it was for a few hours – two hours if that.

*had muesli and orange juice for breakfast. no breakfast is complete without orange juice!

*spent most of the day living on borrowed energy and listening to florence + the machine’s new album. was supposed to meet up with my mum for lunch, but she cancelled and i was pretty glad because i didnt feel like getting dressed and going into the rain.

*got some bad news towards the end of the day that kind of ripped out all the hope i had in myself. it makes you wonder if you’re reasonably hopeful or delusional.

“spoke to two of the most wonderful people God ever put into my life, and it lifted my spirits a little. we added building a getaway island in international waters to our “to do soon” list.

“made an awesome dinner for the family – tortelloni! – and had rum & raisin ice-cream for dessert. so much for a diet!

*had a really long shower so i wouldn’t be so upset about my bad news. if you didn’t know – showers makes everything better.

*had a quiet night in with the family. watched “an idiot abroad” but fell asleep half way through unfortunately. i still loved whatever i did manage to catch of it. stupid people make my world go round!

*decided to call it a night and hit the sheets early, but now i’m in bed planning tomorrow’s post.

that was my day today! let’s hope tomorrow is more exciting.



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