mainstream swimmers

day #6: your views on mainstream music

he believes he’s better because “followers listen to mainstream music”. but he’s an individual because he swims upstream, against the flow, against the current. he once burrowed beneath the surface, chasing the roots of an artist he loved, and there he found his home beneath the green grass and flowers. underground, that’s where he lives now, that’s what he believes in.

they pollute their minds with the rubbish they take in. they hear gucci and they fill up their thoughts with how to attain and possess. they hear clarks and their feet only move to one riddim. now girls chase other girls so they can have a story to tell.”

“the girls see the bodies in the videos and their life ambition is to become one of those bodies too. to have a booty like the body, and large breasts too. brazilian like that body, long on her head but trimmed down below too.”

“and on nights out they try to re-create the videos. you’ve seen it – bottles and bottles, bodies and more bodies in tight skirts. and their lives become a stage and every night is lived at a party. they purchase no house to call a home, but always have somewhere to have a party.”

he flicks through the pictures on his phone. “that was last saturday night”, he shows a picture of himself, surrounded by gucci belts, clarks shoes, and bodies to accessorise. his hypocrisy doesn’t even phase him.

“but the thing with mainstream music,”  he says, “sometimes it moves you, even when you don’t want to be moved. it takes you away and you get carried away, and it pumps into you that feel good, and you can’t help but party that moment away, even if you just party in your head.”

“sure most people sound the same, and their fans then all act the same. but then some others breakthrough, and they don’t intend to be mainstream, but the masses buy into them. with voices like angels and beats that take your breath away, i buy into them too. i buy them. and that.. i guess that is the only reason i keep coming back.”




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