love me.. love me unconditionally…

challenge #11: your family

family. that’s all we need, you know? and it’s one of those things in life that is so easy to take for granted, because these are the people you’ve known all your life. the people that came with the package. everything else in life you earn, but family, you get for free.

these are the people who gave you love without you having to earn it. they loved and cared for you without you having to work for it. and these are the people who looked after you not simply for the purpose of it being reciprocated one day. there’s a deeper lover than that. these are the people that “have your back” just because, not so that you have theirs too. these are the people who loved you without the guarantee that you would love them back once you gained the capacity to choose whom you’d love and hate.

they put all their hope in you even though you could have turned out for the worst. there was never a guarantee that you would be who you are now, but they loved you regardless of that. and even, when it didn’t look promising, they still didn’t throw you out and shut you out. despite what you haven’t become they will love you whether you do become it or not.

everyone says “but they’re your family, they are supposed to love you”, yet we forget that everything around us is proof that very few abide by this rule. some families aren’t as unconditional, and some families walk out. some families make it so hard by never walking out physically but never being available emotionally, to the point that they might as well not have been there at all.

the strange thing is, we go out looking for the unconditional, and go to bed depressed because “everyone else has someone”. and for a moment we forget what we have in our families, and its sad because for some that moment lasts forever, and they never understand what they had, even when it’s gone.



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