my five guys…

challenge #12: fives guys whom you find attractive

mr sky-soft brown, i don’t think you understand what your beauty did to me. i’d seen you around once or twice, but i think it was the third time that it suddenly dawned on me. not to sound cheesy at all, but on that day your face was like sharp sunlight emerging from between curtains of black, heavy clouds – heavenly. i can’t believe i just said that, let’s just pretend i didn’t, to keep me from further embarassment. you made my heart flutter, mr sky-soft brown, did you know that? and you made my fingers tingle from the inside as if butterflies were flowing through my veins. you were beautiful. you and your chiseled features, and your sharp, high cheekbones. you and your soft, soft lips. i guess you understand now why i call you mr sky-soft brown. ooh and you and your liquid chocolate skin. i could drown in the thought of chocolate you…

and mr set my soul on fire, i couldn’t find a more fitting name for you. dear lord, you clouded my brain with the smoke from my burning soul. my oh my. my oh my, i can’t find the words to describe you. never has a pair been so ill-matched, yet i was so drawn to you. i wish i could say it was because i loved your mind, or the things you said. i wish it was your philosophy on life – anything deeper than the sight of your body. it was your shoulders, and your arms, and your hands, and your abs, and your thighs, and your bum.. yeah, i said it, your athlete’s bum. i wish i could recall your face but my mind was forever drawn to you from your neck down. i blame it on the rising smoke caused by my soul on fire..

and black coffee, i could never forget you, you gave me the shakes. not just my hands, or my arms, you gave me body shakes. you made me an addict, and i never even cared much for coffee before. i tried to resist, but once you start you can’t stop – at least not in the large quantities i consumed you. you were no good for my nerves, and i knew it. but you lifted me high, as high as a legal drug can do. you sent me flying. there was something about the intensity of the colour of your coffee black soul that drowned me. something about knowing i could almost see through you wooed me. something about your bitter sweet intrigued me. it was something about that earthy undertones that drew me. something about you consumed me..

and you, mister. i call you that because you no one title could describe you adequately. and no one paragraph could put into words the words that you made dance with my soul. you made my world dance with the talents of your mind. i could read pages and pages and pages of your thoughts, hours on end and never be bored, only entertained, only mesmerised, and further entranced.. your words mister.. i could never describe.

and you, who’s still yet to appear. i leave space for your paragraph here. for my sake, for my blog’s sake, and for the sake of my readers – make it something good.



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