body love

challenge #13: your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with your body

she wanted someone to want her. in that raw animalistic kind of way. in that, “i can’t wait, it has to be now” kind of way. someone to rip it all of and  “take it down town”, kind of way. she was tired of that “i love your mind” kind of love. that “i only see your soul” type of love – don’t ask why.

and then one night she met him, and he loved her body alright. 80% of the time, when he looked her at he was looking at her from the waist down. and the other 20%, well most of that was spent thinking about he could do with her from the waist down.

don’t get it twisted, he loved her face, he loved her smile, he loved how she looked at him because it set his soul alight. but there was something about her from the waist down that he loved just that bit more.

he couldn’t wait to get between her thighs. oh of course he wanted to get into her mind, but some needs must be met first. he wouldn’t hit it and quit it, but he could stop thinking about how much he wanted to hit it. how much he wanted to see that body that he craved in the flesh. he wanted to understand the different ways in which he could fold her, and how much of that back he could hold, and how loud he could make her moan.

and for a moment she loved it, because that’s what she had wanted. that animalistic. that “right here, right now”. and then that moment quickly faded when he’d ask what she was wearing, and when he could see her, and how long she wanted him to be in her. it disappeared in a instant.

she’d wanted him to want her for her body, but want her for much more. but she put her body out first for the taking, as if there was nothing more. she wanted to be wanted for her body, but she forgot how much she preferred being wanted for much more.



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