i’m so proud of me!

challenge #17: something you’re proud of

i haven’t lost my way. i could have, but i’ve never been allowed to be so lost i couldn’t get back. i say i’ve never been because His hand always held on so that i didn’t swim to far. and i never let go.

and there were nights where i could have walked out into the dark and never come back. but for some reason i came back before i went too far. for some reason i still believed that “it’s always darkest before dawn” and that the sun was going to come out for me.

i’m not proud of the fact that sometimes i let life get on top of me. and i’m not proud of how i handled some things. but i’m always proud, and will always be proud that i got out and that didn’t lose my way when so many other have. regardless of what i’ve done, or what i haven’t achieved yet. regardless how of much or how little i have – i’m glad i’m here. i’m proud that i made it here.



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