pour yourself into a star sign mould

challenge #15: your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

if you’re told you are something, you either conform and become it, or you resist it and fight it. sometimes in fighting it, you become it. the things they tell us as we grow up shape our minds and our thoughts, and the way we think the world is supposed to be.

i guess star signs are sort of the same. if somehow as a child, some idea implants itself into your head that the month you were born in plays an integral role in shaping who you become and in predicting how your life will turn out to be, you will eventually allow those ideas to shape and mould your world the way these star signs tell you.

when i was growing up, my mother and my aunties would comment on my behaviour and say my behaviour was “very capricorn-like”. and i guess, i kind of just accepted it as kids do. and as you get older, you encounter people of the same star sign, and if their behaviour matches what the star sign says, it sort of reinforces the way you should behave. and then, at the end of the day, every “capricorn” acts like a capricorn. essentially, we slowly ooze our being into this star sign mould without realising it, and we become it.

i think people make the star signs, not the other way around. i think people affect their own personalities by accepting star signs and horoscopes. they allow something else to make up their minds about how to live their lives. so instead of the star signs actually determining the fate of things, people decide to make the stars signs their guide, and that way determine their fate. without realising it, they are the ones moulding themselves, not the stars.



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