what if….?

challenge #16: something you always think “what if…?” about

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something i always think “what if…” about? that’s not a hard question – my life. my entire life.

asking “what if..” is like getting on a ride that never stops unless you tell it to. “what if..” is the one question we could ask for eternity and still continue to ask “what if.. to every possible solution.

it’s only when we accept that the most suitable answer  is “i would never be here right now” that the ride slows down for a moment so you get a chance to get off. but the problem with that answer is that it doesn’t really tell us anything worth knowing. it doesn’t tell us whether we made the right choices or the wrong ones. it just tells us where we came from and where we are now. it doesn’t give a definitive answer as to where we could be. it just brings us back to the starting point of the cycle of what ifs.

i could ask what ifs for eternity, but at some point i would just have to stop and accept that maybe where i am now is the best place i could ever have been. and  hopefully, i’ll make enough of the right decisions to never wonder “what if…”, because i’d be in a place far too wonderful to ever dwell on what i should or shouldn’t have done.



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