trust issues

challenge #18: a problem you’ve had

dear innocent victim,

i write to you on behalf of those men and women who won’t open their doors up for you because your raw ingredients – your humanity – make you liable to commit the crimes commited unto them before.

we apologise for making you the innocent criminal – placing judgement upon you because you are of the same breed as the perpetrator who commited the crimes of concern.

it is not intentional that we hereby subject you to the operations of our defense mechanisms. as humans, it is our natural instinct to protect ourselves. we naturally deter from all things that could be detrimental to our survival. and we do not refer to the survival of our physical beings, but to the survival of our souls – the very thing that makes us human. for a damaged souls lead miserable lives, and no human being in their right mind pines for an eternity of melancholic mornings, distressing days, and joyless nights.

we apologise for the unprovoked suspicion, and shallow encounters that don’t reveal to you more than our outer core.

we also would like to apologise  on behalf of the conscienceless pricks who took part in putting together this awful disposition. one does not fully comprehend the hell that is “issues of trust” that the victim must endure. they simply do not understand exactly what they do. they do not understand that when the vulnerability that is part and parcel with trust is abused, the pain endured is greater than one could ever express. the pain is so great that one must become numb to just so that they can try to live life as normal.

they do not fully perceive the living hell that is the darkness formed by the shadows of doubt is unlivable. they simply do not understand. perhaps it is a mental retardation that is yet to be fully comprehended.. perhaps..

we apologise if we at one point have been these criminals that have committed these crimes against the soul. we sincerely apologise.


yours sincerely,

a world of people whom at one time in their lives have had trust issues.



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