i miss you, asshole

challenge #23: something that you miss

“ugh, i hate boys!” she cried down the phone. “i hate them, i hate him..”

she hadn’t even spoken to him in weeks, and the last time she saw him she’d ended their courtship in tears. but somehow, something had reminded her of that moment and you would think she’d teleported back there. he’d said he’d wait for her to be ready, but he didn’t try hard enough.

at every chance he got he would attempt to do more than penetrate her mentally, although he said he’d wait.

he repeatedly told her he was sorry, that he just couldn’t help himself, that it was a “guy thing” that he couldn’t control.

when she looked back on every moment they shared she saw more misery than joy. but for some reason in those moments of reflection, it seems that her heart would remember the joy while her head remembered the pain.

and it was in those moments in which she was caught between a love that lingered and hate in it’s purest of forms, she’d sigh sadly and in her heart say “i miss you”, and her mouth blurt out “asshole…”



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