“you only live once” /(-_-)\

challenge #27: a quote you try to live by

“don’t think twice” “break the norm” “be yourself” “don’t let the world mould you” “love even when love doesn’t seem to be an option”.. we could all live by quotes if we wanted to, but how mundane would our lives be?

i used to live by “strive for excellence and leave a lasting impression”, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely little thing to live by. there’s nothing wrong with working every bone in your body to achieve perfection in everything you do.

but the trouble with quotes is that we pick one or two to dictate the way we live our lives, and our lives become as unidimensional as those words we medidate on. our worlds aren’t so simple that we can apply one rule that will help us to iron out the mountainous terrain ahead.

the problem isn’t in the quotes themselves, just in their application.



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