i’m excited about…about…everything!

challlenge #30: one thing you are excited for

they call me a dreamer because i’m in love with a life i’m still yet to possess. i’m in love with someone i’m still yet to fall in love with. i’m satisfied yet i haven’t attained. i can smell the roses yet they’ve not even blossomed. it’s a strange thing for those who are only happy because of their present but can never be excited by their future because it’s unseen.

i’m excited for my future and what it brings. and it’s not because i’m where i want to be, but simply because i’m in motion. i’m excited because i’m somewhere. i know the journey isn’t an easy one but the one before this wasn’t a walk in the park either.

i’m excited to see the world, yet i haven’t even planned my journey. i’m excited, so excited i feel the sun in the heart of winter, even as i wrap up to stay warm and still shiver.

i’m excited, and i don’t have anything to be excited for… as yet.



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