you are the cure and the cause…

you’re a feeling i can’t shake yet you shake me from the marrow of my bones.

the intensity of the thought of you fills my heart and lungs with a thick, smokey oxygen that keeps me at bay -you won’t let me go.

you dripped your beautiful poison into my bloodstream, drop by drop, and now your beautiful poison is what runs through my veins. to be without you is to lose the very essence of me. and to be with you… to be with you is both joy and pain.

your voice sounds like heatbreak, yet heartbreak never sounded so beautiful.

you are the agony and ecstacy of joy and pain holding hands. you break me, yet you are what keeps me together.

the agony of holding your hand as i feel you take over my world, and the pain of knowing if i let go the rhythm of my heart might stop. the pain of knowing that without you this life seems joyless, and the joy of knowing that music sounds better with you, and the pain of knowing with you there is no room for another, and without you no other could fill this empty space.

your deep soul has ripped into the depths of mine and rooted itself into my heart, and the roots of your soul have become my veins – the roots of mine and your soul intertwined.

you have become my way of life. you are something i cannot comprehend, and neither do i dare to. you are a feeling, yet you are more. you are a feeling that takes on a life of it’s own- a life i can’t live without.

you are the love that monopolizes my life. i do not have any other choice but to say, you are the love of my life.





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