you make me feel..

..everytime i think to write about you i get stuck.

i want to write pages and pages and pages, but it seems as though only beautiful little phrases can  express what i need to say.

like beautiful phrases from beautiful songs.

and like those few notes in a song that just make your body melt into itself.

like a collection of beautiful movie scenes that make you feel, smell and taste everything you see.

beautiful broken up movie scenes like a collage of shredded up pieces of pretty reflective coloured paper laid out in the brightness of the sun.

and i wish i could paint pictures of the way i feel, because you make me feel soft colours in a way that doesn’t make sense.

i would tell you that being with you feels like lemon chiffon and coconut cream, and when i think of you azalea pink rays of sunshine flood my brain.

i think i would rather make a movie instead, but it would be a movie of scenes that don’t make sense or scenes that don’t fit together.

and mostly, you’d never be able to feel it from inside or out.

i wish i could make you feel the things i see when i think of you.

but you make me feel beautiful beautiful collages, and it’s hard to write in collages and still make sense.




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