thank you.

everybody likes surprises, whether they admit it or not. those who say they do not, i believe, are simply those who always like to be in the know – like myself. they… we secretly love surprises but we just don’t know it. and those that genuinely cannot handle surprises (boring sods), i believe, are those that cannot stand the idea  that something beyond their control can actually make them happy..

i, the closet surprise lover, was stunned out of my socks when i came to realise that it wasn’t only my friends and a select few of my twitter followers that read this blog. oh no, i was extremely wrong. according to wordpress stats, the people who take time to read some of the things write are my friends, a select few of my twitter friends….. and then a little bit of everyone from all over the world!

from, macedonia, the united states, the uk, mexico, hong kong, germany, greece, india, canada, sweden, romania, pakistan, bahrain, brazil, italy, south africa, serbia, botswana, united arab emirates, denmark, australia, mauritius, russia, netherlands, puerto rico, trindad and tobago, belgium, jordan, argentina, malaysia, france, moldova, israel, poland, latvia, georgia, portugal, vietnam, bahamas, and indonesia.

thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. you know how to throw one heck of a virtual surprise party. thank you, i am truly surprised, humble, chuffed…and surprised! thank you.



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